Storytelling is certainly not perfect, which is probably the main thing I learned today. As we walked around Washington Square Park to try and create a story surrounding the people that visit New York City, we also realized that many of these people did not want to help us create the story. Although the first people we interviewed were incredibly friendly, approachable, and interesting—we got dismissed by more than seven people afterward. This was a problem. We needed to ask people questions about their reason for being in New York City to create a story that would encompass why the city draws so many individuals from all over the world. When we finally came across a woman sitting on a lawn chair in the park, I learned that storytelling is much simpler and genuine when there is a real story filled with details and a storyline to be told. Interviewing people in the park to figure out why they were in New York led us to simple answers: “the food,” ‘business,” or “just visiting.” The woman we met, on the other hand, told us about her beginnings as a tarot reader traveling around Europe, her passion for music, her desire to spread love and happiness, and her time in New York. We learned her story, and are going to try and tell it through our video. I really fell in love with learning details about a person by just going up to them and asking them questions. Had we never stopped to learn about her passion, we would have never realized that the bumps at the beginning of our attempt at storytelling could be smoothed out by really learning the depth of a certain individual. Although interviewing different people is very beneficial in many cases because it adds more value to certain stories, the story of why certain people visit New York was told genuinely by the tarot reader. Storytelling may not go as you think it will, but in this case, the story went off track and fell into the lap of a person who made the story personal and authentic.

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